JOTROLTM, Unleashing the True Potential of Resveratrol

JOTROL™ is a unique micellar preparation delivered orally. It’s the FIRST AND ONLY resveratrol product that can deliver a therapeutic effective dose without side effects. Patented through 2036.

Phase 1 PK study shows JOTROL™ (500mg) increased bioavailability of resveratrol (RSV) in plasma compared to earlier human studies with nutritional resveratrol MCRI Yiu et al. Friedreich’s ataxia study (2 X 2.5 g daily) and Turner et al. AD study (2 X 1g daily). 300 ng/ml at C-Max is seen as a minimum to achieve therapeutic effect.


The first of its kind

The anti-inflammatory, oxidative-stress-reducing, and other mechanisms of action enable Jupiter Neurosciences flagship product, JOTROL™, to have multiple potential disease applications.

  • delivery


    The JOTROL™ delivery platform allows resveratrol to be consumed in an easily consumable, oral softgel in a patented micellar form.

  • Activity


    Can effectively cross the blood brain barrier allowing for the treatment of the central nervous system.

  • Safety


    A safe and effective product for treatment in several diseases.

  • Safety


    Long-term focus is to develop a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease, while in parallel, developing one or more treatments for rare, “orphan” diseases.